Artist’s Statement

The “Kaleidoscope” Series

These abstract paintings are based on a 12-pointed star (arcs emanating from twelve equidistant points on the circle). I discovered that using 12 points offered more possibilities of spatial relationships to explore. As I increased the size of the circle, new abstract forms emerged in the geometry. For example, multi-crossed points of arcs in smaller drawings became arc-shaped triangles in larger drawings. The Kaleidoscope paintings have a sense of being portals that open to new metaphysical worlds. When the viewer stands before one of these paintings, there is a strong feeling of being pulled into the center of the painted space.   The larger paintings in the series, such as KALEIDOSCOPE I, BLUE SPIN, and FUTURE PATH, fit within an 8 ft. circle. The arc bottoms follow the curve of the outer circle, on which the inner arcs, drawn from the 12 points of that circle, depend.   The two top corners of the rectangle reference where they contact the outer circle.

The series is comprised of oil paintings, pastel/watercolor drawings, and digital prints. The digital prints weave my landscape photographs with imagery from the paintings. The photographs, combined with painting imagery, form an abstract relationship, and depict dual realities inhabiting the same space/time continuum. (For example: CHACO KALEIDOSCOPE, and MINERS’ SOUL).

The “New Earth” Series

“New Earth”, has evolved out of the “Kaleidoscope” paintings. It references our current environmental condition, and the birthing of a new world, based on our harmonious thoughts in a collective consciousness.  

Whereas, the “Kaleidoscope” paintings were based inside the circle, and had a closeup sense of being gateways, opening to new metaphysical worlds, the “New Earth” series reveals a narrative stream, from the newly formed Earth being born, to its experience travelling through dimensional portals in the universe. The paintings have a sculptural feel, as the imagery moves into the space beyond the 12-pointed star circle of the “Kaleidoscope” series.

My primary medium is oil painting. I have been using more glazing of colors to heighten the perception of a stained glass effect and a more ethereal quality to the circular imagery, as in the painting, STAR PORTAL, and in the shell-like womb and infant world of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER. With my interest in geometry, PROPELLER, STAR PORTAL and SYNOPSIS depict vesica piscis (the ovoid formed by the intersection of two equal circles, whose centers are the same distance apart as the radius of each circle.) In this case, a specific petal shape is formed by the arcs from the 12 pointed star of each circle.

As the narrative has developed through the paintings, I have limited my palette to the same colors of blue, violet, red, and yellow, to represent the dimensional circles, through which the newly formed Earth passes, as evidenced in STAR PORTAL. The multiple, yellow-green New Earths in JOURNEY TO THE CENTER represent various points in time, as it travels, or it can show them as being in various dimensions at the same time. I have played with this time/space continuum before in digital prints of the “Kaleidoscope” series, where abstract painted imagery blends with landscape photography to depict the merging of dual realities.

The Arabesque Series

Currently, I have embarked on a new series entitled “Arabesque”, becoming interested in a more seductive, sinewy line, still based on geometry. Recently my attention has been drawn to Islamic geometric tile patterns.   Using diagonal lines through a circle’s center to determine points to create the arcs, and utilizing two different sized circles, one above the other, patterns are formed that interact between those circles, as seen in ANCESTRAL HOME.

 Art Resume

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